Our vision is to provide the citizens with a safe and friendly city for people and businesses.


The Friends of Slidell Police Foundation strive promote awareness and provide resources within the Slidell Police Department. Through mentorship, collaboration, citizen involvement and support, our goal is to enhance safety and improve performance in the community and on the streets of Slidell. In return we will make Slidell a safer city for everyone.


The Friends of Slidell Police Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed by local business leaders to support projects of the Slidell Police Department. Donations made by individuals and companies will fund special programs, promote officer safety, provide additional training, equipment, and new technology. Regrettably, none of which would be feasible under the City budget.

Police agencies depend on federal, state and local government support to provide law enforcement services to their communities, but the needs of those communities often far exceed the budgetary support. This is particularly true where the Slidell Police Department is concerned. Thus, The Friends of the Slidell Police Foundation was established in 2018 to help bridge the gap.

The role of the Foundation is to provide additional funding for law enforcement services for the citizens of Slidell.  The Slidell Police Department, like all other police departments across the country, has increasing needs. It is imperative that they remain current in training, technology, equipment, and communication. The Foundation will not replace funding for basic law enforcement or in any way reduce the responsibility and commitment of the funding from the City of Slidell.

By forging partnerships between the Slidell Police Department and the private sector, the Foundation will help to advance police training, public safety education, special public and professional services and programs, and police technology. We can’t do it without your help. Becoming a Friend of Slidell Police Foundation allows us to keep making a difference for you, our officers, and our communities.

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