Friends of Slidell Police Foundation

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Uniting For A Safer Slidell

The Friends of Slidell Police Foundation (FOSPF), in partnership with citizens, businesses, and other philanthropic organizations, helps the Slidell Police Department (SPD) develop innovative programs that make Slidell a safer place to live, work and visit.

FOSPF is dedicated to enhancing public safety by equipping the SPD with resources beyond the scope of the city budget. Our focus extends to crime prevention, life-saving initiatives, and fostering a secure environment for our community.

FOSPF plays a pivotal role in supporting the SPD through funding essential equipment, special programs, and projects that prioritize officer safety. Our tragedy fund is a testament to our commitment, offering support to officers and their families during times of injury or loss.

Together, we forge a safer tomorrow, where unity is our strength and every child a beacon of hope.

Grants For the SPD

The Slidell Police Foundation is the major source of private financial support for the Slidell Police Department (SPD). The Foundation is dedicated to helping SPD prevent crime, save lives and make our community a safer place to work and play by assisting SPD with resources not provided in the city budget.

The Friends of Slidell Police Foundation awards grants to the SPD for various projects and needs of the department such as the following:

  • Enhanced Equipment: Grants enable the acquisition of advanced technology and equipment, improving the effectiveness and safety of law enforcement operations.
  • Specialized Training: Funding supports specialized training programs for officers, enhancing their skills in areas critical to community safety and crime prevention.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Grants facilitate the development of programs like the Kids and Police (KAP) program, fostering positive relationships between officers and the community.

Friend of Slidell Police Foundation
kids and police program

Kids and Police Program

The KAP program is a mentoring program design to encourage positive interactions between kids and police. Several Slidell Police officers have through specialized training in order to be mentors for this program.

“This is something I am very passionate about and truly believe it will make a difference in our community. Our youth are our future. I believe we can make a positive difference and potentially change the lives of several kids in our community.” – Chief Randy Fandal